Monday, February 08, 2010

taking procrastination to the next level

15 followers, 1000 profile views, and last night a dream that my blog was being published as a book! that would literally be a dream come true on many levels. i even remember what the binding was like and how thick it was. it was a well-done book. the pictures were all on recycled-looking paper, so they weren't super glossy, just a little bit. it had the feeling of a thick, artistic periodical.

i'm trying, for heaven's sake TRYING, to get some new year/christmas/update cards sent off, though to say they're late would be a massive understatement. i bought these cards the year before last when it was the year of the cow (according to the chinese calendar, which has been adopted by japan), but now it's the year of the tiger! since i stamped the cards but never wrote on them, i decided to give them a little face lift so i wouldn't have to buy new cards and stamps....heh heh. however, i still haven't sent them, so i probably should just paint rabbit faces over the tiger masks to get ready for next year!


  1. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite so badass as a cow wearing a tiger hat. Well done, Thegirl.

  2. I thought you might appreciate my blog post from a year ago, complete with comments from the rents.

    Send the cards to folks in the States. They won't even know they're late! :-)


  3. thanks sean and catherine. i read the post, funny!