Sunday, February 07, 2010

i'm 31 flavors, and then some.

last week i turned 31. when i came to japan, i was 27! true, celebrating here (in my new city) just isn't the same as being surrounded by family and old friends, but i was still blessed with a lot of generosity by my students and new friends.
my gray hairs are coming in more insistently these days, but thanks to oily skin, i'm not too wrinkly.
before the day, i was taken out for sukiyaki by one class;

given a wonderful, thoughtful surprise party by another class;

treated by kj to karaoke at the fancy place with a column of bubbling water;

and joined by some friends for lunch, card games, and Baskin Robbins.
(deana, fern, jason, kjersten, me, matthew)

fern baked me some gorgeous cupcakes.

mom and i had a skype party. see the candle?

on my actual birthday i went shopping with my friend matthew, we had some delicious burgers, and i did some 1-person purikura.

thanks, everyone!


  1. i'm sorry i missed wishing you a happy birthday on the day, but i'm so glad to see that you were appropriately spoiled. happy 31 years, dear friend. i hope this next one is a revelation. xo.

  2. thank you and cheers to that! <3

  3. happy birthday lauren! do you remember in 7th grade you had a pin that read "Normal is Boring" with a little stick figure sorta guy upside down on the pin? I think about that pin (and you) all the time. How did you know that in 7th grade? It took me at least another 10 years before I really embraced that truth.

  4. thanks kati! i do remember that pin, mainly because it was a kind of mantra for my young life. so many people told me i was weird that i guess i had to decide to either embrace it or try to be like them, and i chose the former. i've never regretted it! ;) thanks for thinking of me and the comment!

  5. Happy birthday Lauren! Those are some good lookin cupcakes, wowie. Here's to another great year!

  6. cheers! yeah, i just can't get over how gorgeous the blue one was.

  7. happy happy birthday my dear friend... I am glad you were celebrated - love the skype moment with your mom - precious. moshi moshi!

    love, lindsay

  8. haha! i forgot you knew moshi moshi.