Monday, April 16, 2007

i promise this one isn't depressing

how does any writer keep up with the volumes of things which happen every day? in the last month, i've experienced enough to make an entire TV movie with a music montage or ten.
just today, i woke up feeling almost euphoric from a dream in which i met my true love. his name was Jim. he's literally the man of my dreams, and he seemed more real and more tangible than most dream guys. i can still vividly remember what it felt like to throw my arms around him.
it was a gorgeous morning, too.
the day was great--great classes, i packed a great lunch (too bad it smelled like dog food), and great students!! (i actually got told "you're cute" by one of the girls. this is like the universe gone wrong, when a japanese high school girl (the epitome of cute, c'mon!) tells me i'm cute.) so i was tired but satisfied when i headed to the grocery store on foot. (haha--i just wrote "on food")
oddly enough, i then met the first random foreigner in my town that i've seen in, oh, seven months or so. forgot to ask if his name was Jim.

here are three of the best spelling guesses for the word "motorcycle" from my students' worksheets. it makes me laugh every time i read them.

more coming soon.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


last week i ran into one of my first year students in mos burger. it was the first time i had seen her wear something other than her school uniform. i was startled at how beautiful and grown-up she looked in little heels and spring colors. she was all enthusiasm when she saw me. she hooked my arm like an old friend and peppered me with questions. when i sat down near her table, she introduced me to both her older sister and her little sister. she was glowing.
i was disappointed in myself for not knowing her name--she was one of the 300 students i had only once per week, but i did remember she had asked me if she looked truly japanese. after some consideration, i decided, no, not entirely...she looked like she could be from spain, maybe. when i told her this, it clearly thrilled her to be considered exotic-looking.
the next week i discovered her name was kaori. i was looking forward to seeing her again so i could call her by name, so i could demonstrate that i knew who she was and cared about her too.
i just found out kaori was killed in an accident two days ago.

my grief is startling. i feel she was stolen from my very hands. she was just here! there are no words.