Sunday, June 01, 2008

i slept like crap for my butterflies

well, i might as well put this in here while it's still fresh and before it's ruined by the disappointment that characterizes these situations usually. last night i went out to dinner, yakiniku to be exact. once kara or i has suggested yakiniku, there's pretty much nothing that can get in our way of having it. when we got inside the restaurant, i saw a very cute teacher who worked at my school last year, but has since been transferred. i thought maybe he was sent very far away, so i was happy to see he was still in town. i waved to him and his group. kara and i sat down and began our meal, and i heard my name several times, which was somewhat curious. it seemed to go beyond, "that was a girl i worked with last year." he also tried looking over at us a few times, but i kept kara in my line of sight so i wouldn't be distracted.
we finished our meal and got up to leave. i went over to their table to say goodbye, and i asked if they were all friends. they said yes, they were on a volleyball team together. everyone was a little flushed from the beer. i asked where he worked now and he said a junior high in the next town. i was like, "well, great, see you later." i got up to leave and put my shoes on, but they called me back over. i paused and he rushed over with his phone. he was like, "can i have your number, is that ok?" i was like, "sure," so i pulled out my phone...thinking we would be sitting there figuring out what numbers and mail addresses to send and how, but he just took my phone from me and typed his number into it and then called his own phone so it would log my number. then he gave my phone back in a whirl, shook my hand, and said something about next time.
even when he was first coming over to me, i didn't think anything of it, but the fact that he seemed so nervous and in a rush to get my number (in front of his friends) gave me a big shot of adrenaline, and i walked out on shaky legs.
be what it may--for all i know he wants english tutoring or another volleyball team member (i am tall)--i was completely thrilled by the moment. it's rare that anyone makes any overtures at ALL, so to feel even for a flash that he had a crush on me was totally worth it.
the adrenaline took way too long to wear off, and i slept like crap.


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2008

    I love those moments!!! (They very rarely happen to me.) Enjoy!

  2. yes, they happen to me so rarely, i start to think i've hallucinated it.

  3. ouch, about the data, totally sorry about that. it could happen to anyone, anytime. about the dude, congrats! wobbly legs don't happen every day.

  4. so, while you're tempering yourself with lots of good, sobering doses of careful-with-your-feelings, have you thought about texting him?

  5. i would, but i only have his phone number, and that's a bit more daunting. i was actually told by a student today that maybe he has a girlfriend, so it's not looking so good...

  6. candilemonJuly 02, 2008

    Well....that's been awhile back, did he call? I loved picturing the whole scenario...and you all keyed up later. Nothing like a little glimmer of attraction to help a girl remember that it can and does and will happen.