Monday, June 09, 2008

The Great Butter Famine of '08

that's right. japan is out of butter. butter.
i was wondering what was happening! the last several times i've gone to the store, i wondered why i couldn't find it. i just figured they moved it. but no, they're just out. i don't understand all the circumstances (something to do with russia's willingness to pay more for butter, and a glut of dairy in hokkaido several years ago leading to disposal of the means to make more, aka, cows) but the bottom line is less fun on my baked potatoes and no more scones.
i admit, i was tickled when i first heard--who could imagine such a ridiculous shortage? to most, butter is an important but not vital ingredient. the fact that it probably heralds more dire shortages is disconcerting, though.
apparently a teacher at my school got wind of this problem early and stockpiled a big supply before the stores were out. i wonder if she'll start a basement butter business for those hard-up bakers?


  1. that's really weird and sad. signs of the times, baby. did you also know there is a hops shortage? stock up on beer. a couple of bakeries have closed in Santa Fe due to the price of wheat skyrocketing. isn't this a strange time to live in? Matthew 24:3-8 peace out.

  2. hi kooks. it is weird and sad, huh? hops shortage?? whoa! and the wheat!? yabai.

  3. I heard one of the reasons of increased dairy prices is Starbucks moving into China - a whole nation of people who have previously been fairly dairy free, now demand their frappucinos.
    In consequence, the price of dairy in Sweden has changed. Don't know if it's related at all.