Thursday, June 12, 2008

all is not lost

i keep suddenly remembering random pictures and documents forever lodged in the guts of my broken hard drive, and then consciously letting go of them emotionally.
and then miraculously finding them elsewhere!
one of the pictures i was sorry to never be able to revisit was that of my self-portrait just seconds before my very first class.
this is how i felt:

you'll notice i'm wearing a white shirt, in the calm, dead center of a heat hurricane, humidity at like a thousand percent, with my nerves to top it off. i essentially stepped out of the air conditioned office and swam to the fourth floor. as class wore on, i was sweating so much that my shirt became less and less appropriate. my own ill-timed wet t-shirt contest. as sean joked later, "they came for class, but they stayed for the show." that shirt has been hanging in my closet ever since.


  1. as tragic as this whole experience has been, i feel like this whole lose-your-life-slowly-refind-it-in-little-pieces has for the makings of one of those quirky summer indie comedy plots. "l-chan" is so the new "juno".

  2. i am so the next juno. you're not the first person to say so. in fact, you are the second.