Sunday, August 20, 2006


today i learned that it's just as easy to get a sunburn in japan. it's been so misty and moisty that the sun's had a hard time penetrating all the water in the air, but today, clear and warm, i renewed my farmer tan. ju-u-ust what i was hoping for. i've also taken up sweating as a hobby since i'm apparently so good at it. i've never been so constantly sticky in my entire life. i treasure the few hours at night when i can steep in my air conditioning. one cloudy, stormy morning i was under the mistaken impression that it'd be cool outside, even chilly. what grabbed me when i opened the door was some seriously aggressive mugginess. i shook free and slammed the door.
i visited happy danger beach again. here's what it looks like in the sun.

here is one of the amply-provisioned vending machines i mentioned earlier. some of the options: canned coffee with cream, canned coffee with sugar and cream, canned tea with sugar and cream, green tea, oolong tea, sport drinks, juice, grape fanta, something called yokult, and my new favorite: melon cream soda!!! there are so many fricking beverages in this country that you never know what there will be to choose from at one of these beacons of choice...which is why i spend so much time lingering in front of them (well, and because i read japanese at the four-year-old level, that may contribute a little). i haven't been inspired yet to try "Qoo" simply because the name is so dumb. but check out the keen, uber-japanese webite. Qoo me in!

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