Tuesday, August 15, 2006

flip-flop of doom

i see only one problem with japan's custom of removing your shoes at the door...facing off with large insects can feel a lot more vulnerable and intimidating when stomping is removed from your arsenal. enter The Flip Flop of Doom. i've already removed said flip-flops at the door, so i still have to scrabble to grab one, but it becomes a deadly weapon in my hands. plus, it's all i've got! nothing else is accessible enough and will stand up to repeated bashing. i mean, what am i going to do--grab a cockroach with chopsticks? the cockroach can probably USE chopsticks. try to hit a 3 inch spider with a miniscule japanese paper towel? nuh uh. i don't want that much contact with an insect so leggy it could give charlize theron a run for her money.
i rewarded my long day of cleaning with a walk to the closest vending machine for grape soda. unlike fanta, which tastes just exactly like grape soda, bubble man grape soda tastes like liquid pop rocks. not bad!
most people know a little bit about the shangri-la that are japanese vending machines, but i'll talk more about them later so you're all in the loop. nightie-oh.


  1. i'm so glad you sent this link - and great color scheme, I love it. I love more hearing about your creative adventures. Japan looks beautiful!! I hope the breathing improves...

  2. Hey, I'll try again. This is Curt but my blogger name is CJ. Love your blog so far. Keep writing. That is how I stayed sane overseas.

  3. Hey, I'm back. Great blogs. Your mom was at ICC on Sunday and had us pray for you. Sounds like you're adjusting - or enjoying more not adjusting - whatever the case might be. Blessings dear one...Curt

  4. vera@coffee joes fanAugust 16, 2006

    Lauren, so happy to be able to see your adventures! Better than the travel channel which is one of my favorites. Hope to become a blogger soon. Hasta from DRO, Vera.