Wednesday, August 30, 2006

just call me Allergy Lips

thank God i'm no longer having any asthma problems, but taking their place are some seriously itchy lips. all i do all day is try to inconspicuously alleviate the horrendous tickle on my face. i've tried itching them from inside my mouth: bite-scraping my teeth against the inside of my lips or ferociously pursing them...i'm sure it's really inconspicuous. i've nearly itched them raw now, so it burns as well as itches. just another day.

and i must be, er, particularly hormonal lately because several inconsequential things brought me to tears today: a pretty picture in my calendar (it's SO pretty! *sniffle*) and also reading the touching story of the Sacagawea dollar coin online.

in totally unrelated news, i'm teaching myself to double-sided knit (and by teaching myself, i mean watching the how-to video here.) this is a cool technique of making double-thick fabric with the design colors reversed on the opposite side. my idea is to make some really thick fabric and then felt them into wooly house flip-flops. no doubt i'll have pictures later...

oh! this was my first shot at felting. this:

became this:

then this!

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  1. I really like the felt heart. I think you will enjoy this processes. You can do some very cool things. Val