Wednesday, March 05, 2008


today in my profound boredom i took a quiz to see what kind of dog breed would be ideal for me. on my eventual return to the states, i have a dream of finally committing myself to an animal. a cat is more likely, but i'm sure i'd also enjoy the companionship of the right kind of dog. i know there are some funny names of crossed breeds out there, but as i scanned the list, it got more and more ridiculous:
muggin (muggle dog?), dorkie (that's not very nice), havamalt (coffee blend?), peke-a-tese (that's almost a stripper name), and of course xoloitzcuintle (prescription medecation?).
but wait! there's more: schnocker, english boodle, eskapoo, foodle?? pekepoo, poovanese, pugapoo, schnoodle?? snorkie, torkie, weeranarian, poogle!?
are we sure we're not just making a silly poem about someone's nose?

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  1. I can just see my husband introducing people to his schnoodle at the dog park and getting arrested for public lewdness. The names are funny because they're true; they are sad for the same reason.