Thursday, July 26, 2007

level up!

with my recent acquisition of a car, an oven, and a successful match of girl vs. window, i think i deserve some end-of-round bonus points. level up, baby!
the short version of the window story is: ask for help to get something simple like window screens, wait three months, go through some bureaucracy, wait another month, pay a hundred dollars, and then (in a final battle of wits) try to figure out how to get them into the barred windows. in a moment of brilliance, i did figure out the puzzle (thanks for the skills, backspin) and now i have fresh bugless air!

the oven is one of those magical contraptions that microwaves, bakes, and toasts in one. far superior to my burn-it-up Easy Bake type oven.

i have also quite literally gotten higher, or should i say taller in my first pair of adult high heels. i'm nearing thirty; it was about time. they're even comfortable on my old skateboard injury ankle.


  1. So what's it like being the sempai now? My readers are dying from an Avada Kedavra to know!

  2. hmm. being sempai isn't all it's cracked up to be. aside from having them carry around pre-cut melons for me to snack on and announcing my arrival like a celebrity when i go to circle K, it's pretty dull. no, it's great to have some idea what i'm doing here!