Monday, March 12, 2007

people to watch: 山川

i'd like to give you an impression of some of the interesting (er...good and bad) people who inhabit my daily life.
today the lucky contestant is a mr. yamakawa. quite compact in stature, yet possessing a look of harnessed intensity, i was a little intimidated by this fine sir when i first arrived. after, oh, five months or so, he began to relax around me (or maybe it was the reverse), and i learned that his sense of humor is untarnished.
just today, when i pointed out the pixelated roof of my american home via google earth, he pointed to himself and said michieviously, "stalker" and we all had a good laugh. then when we found his house in town, i pointed to myself and said, "stalker" and he chuckled and said we were "even."

✪ has a knack for: planning golfing excursions which never fails to summon copious amounts of rain
✪ likes: sitting by the kerosene heater and dozing while listening to billy joel on his mp3 player
✪ dislikes: golfing in the rain
✪ notable traits: one of the few japanese men i've encountered with an actual smell, and a good one--sorta comforting father-y/grandfather-y

i had the opportunity to witness the very first time mr. yamakawa had ever tried a hamburger. i thought it was worthy of a photo. aww.

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