Saturday, March 10, 2007


the second wave has come. it's like everyone i know has decided to get together and bludgeon me with their joyful news. the remaining half of my friends are getting married this year, and the first half is having babies. this leaves me feeling like i'm the only person whose life has not really begun. no, i don't necessarily think life is defined by having a partner, but there are some key milestones that help define your adult life, and i seem to be skillful at missing them. i'm doing my best to really live and not wait around wallowing in self-pity because i'm always single, but at times it does gang up on me and i wonder--am i doing something wrong?
i'm twenty-eight, and i've never been in a "relationship." yes, i've had a number of close guy friends to whom i've been attracted, and a few ill-defined (and short-lived) dating experiences, but i have yet to experience liking someone who really likes me back. it bites.
please don't misunderstand: i'm overjoyed for those of you who have found your love! i won't dampen your celebration with my own sorrow, but this silent yearning gets louder every year, and today it's sticking in my throat.

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