Friday, November 10, 2006

a show of hands

things that made me happy this week:

A is for Aircon: that beast of energy consumption was pouring icy air into my icy house until naoko-san taught me how to change it into a heater. i mean, i pushed all the buttons in every conceivable combination, but there's something to be said for being able to Read them. All Hail the Mighty Aircon. the consumption i was developing (*cough cough*) curled up and died.

B is for the Beach and The Birds:

Shi is for "Shi Chikin" or "Chicken of the Sea" AKA Tuna Fish. this is my favorite onigiri. who on earth would have guessed i'd be obsessed with tuna in rice with seaweed?!

D is for Dirtless Chalk. HAHAHAHAHAHA. this just made me laugh forever. it was in the copy room of my school.

E is for Even Better Than the Original: this is brilliant...
...after justin timberlake's sexyback

F is for Fire and Ice: my mom sent me the happiest box of sweaters and scarves and mittens (hallelujah, i was cold!), including the blue mittens i made last year that join the sunset-colored ones of the same yarn that i'm just finishing.

G is for Green Soda: this is the best soft drink ever...melon cream soda. it tastes nothing like melon, but it's sweet candy deliciousness.

H is for "How Many More Laps is That Guy Going to Run in a Man-Diaper!?" the whole school watched a professional performance of a play called Hashire Merosu. in it, a guy runs. a lot. for authenticity, the main character ran laps in fewer and fewer clothes until he was finally running in naught but a sweaty rag. the kids giggled and gasped, and i got lots of my own amusement from their reactions.

I Spy an Old Man Sleeping in a Department Store Massage Chair:

Juice + Litchi Liquer!

K is for Keitai Pictures on the way to school: tiny, tiny web laden with dew

the end.


  1. this is great. that would be n in the massage chair while i would be tarrying through the aisles. love this posting. when you get to b for birds and scroll down it looks like they are flying. muy magical. your mittens are BEAUTIFUL. try to sell them! or not, but they are great!

  2. hahaha. i can see n doing that. *lc*

  3. Hey thegirl, blog already. I need my fix!

  4. O...M...G...

    How am I supposed to keep putting off my grad school apps if you aren't providing blogging material for me to read?

    For once in your life, thegirl, think of the children... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!