Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i could totally be a drug runner

i can be opportunistic the piddling percent of time i'm not feeling utterly lazy, and when a teacher asked me to retreive a video from my house, i suggested getting it at lunchtime instead of after school. she headed off to guard the far gate of the school, and i went along to see what i could see (since i'd never been to the far gate). i asked why she had to guard the gate and she said it was to keep students from using the vending machines right across the street. hmm. there were vending machines IN my high school, so it's a little different approach. now the students have to WORK for their junkfood...not a bad thing, surely. as we approached the far gate, i could see the other teacher waiting for the switching of the sentry. it was explained to him that i was leaving that way for official reasons, so i ambled through the gate and they continued talking. there's a tall hedge around my school, and though the vending machines were mere steps away, i could no longer see my fellow teachers. i walked straight past them, but those machines were calling me...one was an ice cream machine. i made a quick loop. the one day i happened to get a free pass out of school, i also happened to have enough coinage in my pockets to make a purchase. i checked over my shoulder, but the teachers were still involved in their conversation. i crouched down so they'd be less likely to notice me lingering at the corner. i'm sure i looked incredibly suspicious, but if no one is looking, what does it matter? i made a quick selection and winced as the machine made its jangly thumpy vending noises, but still no curious eyes around the hedge. i swiped the ice cream (melon cream soda--my favorite!!) and on account of my glee at a sucessful contraband purchase, i slipped the wrapped cold package up the loose, black sleeve of my sweater. as i neared the front gate, i was glad i had. i hadn't considered there might be another teacher keeping watch there. there were question marks in his eyes since i was coming from an odd direction, but he greeted me simply, and i passed safely up to my house where i popped that sucker open and took a bite. i know no one would actually care much that i bought an ice cream--i'm not bound by the same rules as the students--but it was wicked fun to get away with it.
my surreptitious snack:


  1. If only this melon soda ice cream were as sweet as you, the girl.

  2. hey thanks, ol' buddy! you should try some flashier ties and you might get more attention from the ladies...if that's what you want. ;) cheers!

  3. Well, if any of us were concerned about Japan affecting your mind... we now have confirmation. You have truly attained gaijinhood, young grasshopper.

    sam :)

  4. I was just toying with this "calendar" idea I've been working on and it would seem that the month has now changed from the 11th to the 12th. Which would make this the month the one called December and the month that thegirl last wrote an entry the one called November...

    Perhaps I've erred with my numbers. Has such a length of time passed?

  5. What a great blog. Thanks for all the fun reading!

    Chris Sharp (Tacoma)

  6. wow, thanks so much, mr. sharp! i hope to make something well-written enough that it sticks in someone's head like your story about hauling boxes for the crazy woman has in mine.