Monday, November 15, 2010

goodbye kumano

listening to the waves from matsumoto toge one last time.


  1. Candace LemonNovember 19, 2010

    Lauren, dear...
    Oh, mercy! I am so excited for your return. Although you wouldn't know it by my lack of communication, I have been counting down the months, and now it's days until you are back. I wish you peace, clarity and energy you didn't know you had, as you embark on your international move. Oh, yes... the light is burning bright for you in little ol' D-town.

    Can't wait to hug you! Candace

  2. and a bit down south we are cheering for you, too!
    besos, my dear friend.

  3. thanks SOOOO much ladies. it really means a lot to know i'm not coming back to a place where no one knows me or thinks about me anymore. candace, mom said she vetoed your welcome at the airport idea, but i would have loved it! thank you!!