Thursday, April 22, 2010

rock 'n' roll

one more week snags in the middle and then flaps by. with the filing-down of a few thorns in my side, the weeks have sped up and are whirling past, a blur of loud tuesdays, dull thursdays, and long saturdays before i step off the carousel with my head swimming. my triumph of the week was sending a fax from a state-of-the-art copy machine in a convenience store without having to ask for help (thank you animated cartoon pictures). it can also print glossy photos or the documents you email from your home computer, but i'll have to test-drive that another day.
since your closest 7-11 is often only half a block away, maybe even closer than the site where you have to lug your well-sorted trash, they've pretty much murdered the idea of convenience. i mean that as in, "hit the center of the target so hard there's a big hole in the wall behind it." 7-11 is sometimes the only place you can get money during public holidays when the ATMs close. after nearly four years, that still boggles my mind.
golden week is coming up in three days, a whole week of vacation (at last), and i've withdrawn money in anticipation. first my college roommate is coming down from tokyo to visit my place for a change (yay!!!) and then i'm heading off to osaka for a much-needed reunion with my favorite big city in...the world, i guess! i'm flying solo for a day and then meeting some friends to try out the onsen theme park SpaWorld.
i bought my train ticket today and started to get really excited. i love osaka! i'm planning to get yakiniku at tsuruhashi station, ride the ferris wheel at tempozan, eat coconut shaved ice with chocolate, and basically do all the fun things i've done in the past, again, 'cuz that's how i roll.


  1. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. kawait! are you going to see masa? give her a big hug!!! how amazing. do you work tues, thurs, sat? interesting schedule. any more pics of the kidlets??? i want to see the LOUD ones!!! maybe a video would be appropriate? the fax machine sounds awesome. i'm jealous. wish i could spend a day in osaka with you! sounds super fun!!! huggy bear!

  3. no, massa's coming to see me for the first time; i've visited her several times in tokyo. my schedule is tuesday through saturday, but it was just artistic license to skip describing all the days ;) haven't taken pictures of the loud kids yet, but i'll try to remember this week... i wish you could come to osaka with me too!

  4. how cool that you get to see massa :) p.s. I love reading your interpretation of life via your blog :)

  5. have lots of fun and LOTS of coconut and chocolate anything.