Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my dirt-eating minions

i have twelve followers guys, twelve! and four of them i don't even know! that's popularity. can you even handle all the exclamation points!? seriously though, thank you very much for reading!
it's a cold, clear day here and i'm feeling encouraged after yesterday's doctor visit. for about two months i've been having knee and hip pain on one side, but the knee x-ray showed no bone problems. at least that's something. i'm more than a little dubious about japanese health care and doctors, but sometimes you really do need to see someone. of the four or five doctor's visits i've made in japan, all to different individuals, i've never been asked 1. if i'm allergic to any medications (i am), 2. if i have any pre-existing conditions (i do), or 3. if i'm taking any medication (i am). it doesn't exactly inspire confidence. if you need a refresher, read about my first doctor visit in japan.
the best part, however, was the whole visit (including a giggle-inducing ride on the moving x-ray a very tame amusement park ride) cost me $16. there are some things i'd like to get checked out while i'm paying prices like that, but with the horror stories i've heard about extremely painful tests with no anesthesia or gloves, misdiagnoses, and mixed up test results, it makes me wonder if i'd be better off without them.
however, i should definitely invest in some new running shoes. the ones i'm using, though they haven't had consistent use all the years i've had them, are now at least um eleven years old. how is that possible!? the past two years i've been using them a lot, so they must be spent. i'm kind of humiliated to admit how long i've had them. they still look pretty new, so i never thought about it.
i've gone running twice since i saw the doctor (and purchased a knee brace as he suggested), and things seem to be going well. i haven't had quite as much trouble with stairs, and my hip isn't feeling so strange. fingers crossed.
i'm coming up fast on my birthday, and each year around this time i choose a new theme to live by. my first year i was aiming for "different mistakes." last year it was "bold." part of quitting JET but attempting to stay in japan, move to a city, and find a cute apartment were fruits of the boldness campaign. now i've settled on this year's hue...with abandon! in other words, i want to live more and hold back less; i want to be all in. this will doubtless be a very good challenge for me, the controlling girl. it doesn't mean i want to make poor decisions, of course, but i would like to say yes a little more often and get better at trusting. i'd like to have the courage to speak more honestly about my feelings. once i was admonished by a guy who i was crazy about for not talking about my feelings enough. i mean huh!? the sensitive 90's guy (remember him? i think he became a metrosexual, don't you?) rears his well-groomed, good-smelling head.


  1. you're the best. 'with abandon' is fantastic. i'm working on 'open hearted and vibrating with love'. it's not easy. and i'm proud to be a minion. <3 xoxoxo.

  2. A knee brace, huh? and a thing with your hip??, I have had a thing with MY hip the last year or so. FINALLy went to a physical therapist and she says my stance if off, my gait is off and I'm thrusting my chin forward like a chicken. Not a very pretty sounding site! So, now I'm doing all these exercises that stretch my ham string, and use muscles I didn't know I had, but, baby, I look better than a chicken struttin' around. Remember when gram used to say, "I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off." Oh gosh, that brings up belly laughing like I forgot about! Uses those stomach muscles too. Hope you had a great B-Day! love aunti norma

  3. p.s. That's neat you choose a theme to live by each year. I choose a word to focus on. Last year was courage and this year is joy, with hope attached. Good luch on you being able to abandon more, (with discretion,of course) (sp).a. norma

  4. thanks, norma! so funny to imagine the chicken walk, but i'm glad you're getting it worked out.