Wednesday, April 01, 2009

shake n' break

here's the freeze i nailed this morning and without looking all exhausted and sweaty, either! can't say the same for all my practices earlier in the week. i definitely need to work on my arm strength, as i have now realized that being a woman, and therefore having a lower center of gravity, makes the power moves a lot more challenging because it changes the balance. i'm determined, though!

very dramatic! i love this shot; i just couldn't make it into position before the self-timer went off.

a much harder freeze: no knees!


  1. I'm literally laughing outloud uncontrollably! Damn, I can't even type. I loved this blog and how you are wearing different clothes in each shot. You are getting good too! What's your motivation for these circus stunts? Who's been teaching you these things?

  2. Ok, I'm reading your blogs backwards and now I know your motivation and your mentors. I'm still laughing outloud! You are one of a kind Laur!

  3. thanks, meago!! glad i could entertain someone other than myself.

  4. i'm impressed... you are a nut!