Monday, September 10, 2007

you may need a little hanky for your...

well, i want to write, but all i have time for these days is work. i mean, actual work, not just internet-guzzling.
however, the puppeteers of humor have been handing me some lovingly-wrapped bits of crazy, so those will have to amuse you until i can ink out some words of my own.

the panky was actually pretty good for japanese chocolate and gave our sleepover party some "just on the brink of a sexy pillow fight" credibility. supposedly it has twice-baked bread crumbs inside (read: crunchy bits, which megan said felt like chewing glass), and the best part is this particular variety is "mild bitter Panky." while we were having our giggles, the innocent little kittens of japan were getting addicted to:

CATSMACK! buyer beware.


  1. This journal entry was so great I laughed until I stopped!

  2. oh reader's digest, old friend. you know, after reading all those parenting articles you had when i was a kid, i practically raised definitely shaped my sense of humor...and don't get me started on "drama in real life."