Thursday, June 14, 2007

welcome to the infestation*

*this is a frowny-faced tribute to the R.E.M. song Welcome to the Occupation

nothing says "party" like termites falling out of every corner.
the termite problem of which i was completely unaware until two days ago was apparently just waiting to be announced; now they're coming out of the woodwork, har har. last night i was playing a rousing game of Stomp and Vacuum, but i finally gave up and went to bed, hoping desperately that i didn't wake to any wriggling or flying things on me. i didn't, but i was completely grossed out at the little piles of parasites in every room, and i can just imagine how fun my four guests for the weekend will find it. WHEE!

in happier news, this week is O-VER! the petunia i grew from seed has actually flourished and is finally blooming! they must have put a mix of colors in the pack because i've gotten both a purple and red bloom so far.

and by request, a few of my favorite pages of the hatchan book i mentioned last time:

finally, i'm taking my driving test on the 4th of July, so hopefully i will be showing my 'patriotism' by successfully acquiring a foreign driver's license...


  1. your mom says, love the cat antics--your pics are as funny as your prose. translation,me

  2. Termites too!! Sheesh, I would just be grossin out! I think you might be my bug hero. I would be playing Stomp and Vacuum too, probably all night.

  3. Oh, I heard about the termites. That's horrid! Have you consulted your supervisor yet? Is there anything that can be done about them?
    Is that a MosBurger petunia? I'm envious.
    I love the cat book. I want to see it next time I visit Chez Termite!