Thursday, May 17, 2007

scylla and charybdis, or: and ode to an O

he understands mac love
he does some mad purikura
he's always happy to see me
he puts the T in alt (seriously)
he always buys me my first drink
he taught me about catching trains
he holds an umbrella like a gentleman
he gave me my first stranger hug in japan
he always knows what to tell the taxi driver
he patented the seismic-activity ramen stack
he's pretty much the authority on saucy banter
he talks to waiters for me when i'm feeling japan-shy
he gets obscure literary references like "Stygian gloom"
he doesn't like cheese, so he'll give you all of his *やった!*
he talked up my pancakes so even fiona and sam wanted to try them
he ran the whole way home with me so i could check my ebay status
he let me clean his apartment and didn't get too~um~offended that i did it
he quotes dante and mary j. blige in the same sentence without missing a beat
he's the first person who reads my blogs and (almost) the only person who comments
he'll tell you that when a certain cute japanese guy buys you dinner it's "tantamount to a proposal" and then that certain guy will turn out to be married
he doesn't like spicy curry and is happy when you don't either 'cause it means you won't make fun of him for it (but will make fun of him mercilessly for other things like, um, eating flower garnishes in restaurants "didn't you guys eat yours!?")

and most importantly...

he's bringin' sexy back!

happy birthday


  1. Oh my god, Lauren - I just came across your site. I can't believe this is the first time!

    And what a day to find it no less! It would seem that all that money spent last year on friend-buying and me-propaganda was well-spent. Thanks so much for playing your part. (Oh, and your June check is in the mail.)

    Thank you, L-chan. I've never been oded before. And I have to admit, it feels pretty nice. :)

    P.S. So in calling an ode to me "scylla and charybdis" is the subtle implication that any sailor who comes my way never lives to tell the tale?

  2. exactly! sailors for breakfast. yum yum.

  3. I'm so glad I can see your life on blog. It's the real you. Lovvvve, mom

  4. Awww, that's the sweetest and most fitting ode ever!