Sunday, December 10, 2006

"the primroses were over..."

SO. i'm going home for christmas. i'm leaving the land of mini-streets, fist-sized spiders, and relentless moisture for that high, dry place where i was born. i'll shiver with the thrill of seeing orange sweet potatoes, salsa, organic milk, and wheat bread in the store; understanding what the checker is saying to me, and watching as they bag my groceries for me. wheeeeeeeee! nothing like absence to make my least favorite chore as fun as a carnival ride. and i'm going to use a DRYER again.
see you on the flip side...


  1. Um, yeah... about that dryer...

    How big a part of your coming-home-happiness is dependent upon it being up and running?

  2. what did you see do feel eat first? huh? huh?

  3. And when are you coming back? (missing the pacific rim updates)