Sunday, October 29, 2006

"parmesan is just sawdust that happens to taste delicious"

this is a cop-out blog. eye candy, and nothing terribly riveting to read. get over it; i'll write more later. i know i promised pictures of my house long ago, but it just wasn't cute enough yet. i've cleaned it a LOT and made it more girly, and now it's acceptable enough for pictures. the blue curtains in the living room will go eventually and be replaced with curtains that actually match the walls instead of clashing with them.
here's a view from the kitchen with white couch and bookshelf looking into livingroom and bedroom. pretty sunlight.

i pivoted to the left. here's the genkan (entryway where you remove your shoes). those sticks are gone now.

move left pivotage...and more of the kitchen looking into the dressing and bathing rooms. check out the metal bug-grabbing tongs.

here's the livingroom from the bedroom. kitchen would be on the right. what am i talking about? the kitchen is on the right. more photos of the house later. i swear!

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  1. your apartment is really sweet - I'm jealous.