Monday, November 22, 2010

new life ahead

everything is finally done, and i'm waiting in the airport for my flight to be called. i was sent off by six wonderful friends and made it through security in a flash and then stumbled down the carpeted ramp to the gates with my eyes blurred by tears. i don't know what's ahead, and i'm definitely feeling kinda unsure about it, but i've had an incredible life here in japan for four years and four months. i'll miss it more than i can fathom right now, i know. thank you to everyone who made my time here so incredible and special: students, friends, church members, and polite service people! :)


  1. wow. how emotional. i feel for you my friend. we welcome you back, but we know part of your heart is overseas.

    prayers for an ability to transition from a monumental season of life into a new adventure.

    much love,

  2. don't you love when people call things that basically suck and are wierd an "adventure?"

    i read it after it posted. sorry. i'm full of cliches lately. or maybe it's just me.

    peace out.

  3. aw, rocko. i just saw these. thanks a ton! emotional is an understatement, as i'm sure you can imagine. it must be something like being pregnant--how quickly the way i feel changes and how often i feel like crying. but day 7 and i'm maybe a tiny bit more level.